Stinging Pest control in Your Home

Stings are a thing of the past in your backyard.

Stinging Pest control in My Business

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How we control stinging pests around your home

It’s important to understand the kind of stinging pest you may be dealing with. For example, you don’t want to treat or hurt honeybees in any way – and neither do we. But hornets and yellow jackets can be extremely aggressive and can make for unpleasant outdoor areas. If you have people with allergies around, they will be most interested in what type of bee or wasp is stinging them. Better to bring in a professional and just have the stinging pests dealt with before that happens. Our stinging pest treatments include individual treatments per species as well as baits as added protection all summer long. Some stinging pest nests are even covered under our GreenSuite™ for Home.

Waltham stinging pest reduction plan


We will inspect spots where nests are known to be built depending on the stinging insect pest you are dealing with.


We will remove the nest using professional safety precautions while you stay in your house – safely away from the stinging pests.

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We will treat with residual products to deal with any hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, or any other stinging pest that may return.

In addition to treating, you can choose to add our eco-friendly mosquito traps for future fly-ins. Our technicians will create a custom plan for your yard and will strategically place them where they will be most effective. Because they are environmentally friendly, they can be used anywhere near and around your home and yard – even near water sources. The traps specifically attract female mosquitoes who then take back the green product with them to disperse to other mosquitoes in the area, reducing the overall mosquito population. These mosquito traps provide around-the-clock mosquito pest control in a greener, more sustainable way.
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Why Waltham?

We’re passionate about controlling stinging pests in and around your home because we live and work here – it’s our neighborhood, too. With our 130 years of experience keeping homes and businesses in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont safe from pests, Waltham has the experience you can trust.
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