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House Flies

What Do House Flies Look Like?

house fly photo

House flies are gray insects with four narrow stripes on their abdomens. Adults range from one-eighth to one-quarter of an inch long, and males are slightly smaller than females. Their larvae, or maggots, are cream-colored with worm-like bodies that come to a point at one end.

How Can I Tell if I Have a House Fly Problem?

These pests are a common nuisance in New England homes and businesses. You can usually hear them buzzing around, but there are several other signs of infestation, including:

  • Flying – This insect hovers around trash cans or near people looking for an easy meal.
  • Landing on Food – House flies taste using hairs on their feet. You may notice one crawling across your plate.
  • Fecal Spots – The pest leaves behind tiny bits of waste wherever they walk or land. If you find dark dots on walls or ceilings, you could have a cluster fly problem.

How Do House Flies Get Inside Homes and Businesses?

A female house fly lays her eggs in compost, animal droppings, and other decaying organic matter. These insects may come inside garages in search of food or a place to breed. They can find their way indoors through damaged screens, open doors, or even by hitching a ride on people and pets.

Schools and restaurants that have dumpsters too close to entrances might have flies sneak in. Garbage and food spills may draw house flies to kitchens and outdoor dining areas. Grocery stores could also let the pest inside through delivery bays when receiving shipments.

Are House Flies Dangerous?

While house flies do not bite, they can carry harmful pathogens on their bodies and in their vomit or feces. These insects transmit bacteria like Salmonella and diseases such as typhoid fever and tuberculosis. A house fly might also spread parasites like hookworms, tapeworms, or pinworms.

For places like hospitals, a house fly infestation could result in more infections among patients and staff. Food preparation and packaging facilities may have products contaminated. Because this pest is often associated with filth, house flies can also damage the reputations of businesses, especially in hospitality and restaurants.

How Can I Prevent House Fly Infestations?

To avoid issues with house flies, keep doors closed and repair any worn out window screens. Make sure trash and dumpsters are far away from buildings, check that lids are tight, and empty cans regularly. For persistent house fly problems, contact the experts at Waltham Pest Services for help.

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