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Spiders in Vermont

Spiders in Vermont

The majority of spiders in Vermont are harmless. These pests live in isolation and tend to keep to themselves. Here are some of the most common spiders you might spot in your home or business:

  • Jumping – These hardy arachnids can leap long distances despite their short legs.
  • Wolf – The dark brown wolf spider has strong legs that help it chase down prey.
  • Orb Weaver – As garden dwellers, this pest creates ornate webs to capture insects in your yard. They are black with bright markings in yellow or red.

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Spiders That Bite

When it comes to poisonous spiders in Vermont, there are a few that can deliver a painful, venomous bite:

  • Black Widow – With robust black bodies that have a triangular red pattern, the black widow spider lives inside trees, piles of wood, and around decks.
  • Brown Recluse – This light brown spider can be as big as a penny and likes to hide inside boxes and underneath shelves or furniture.
  • Yellow Sac – Known to bite more than any other spider in the United States, this pest hides in the corners of walls and ceilings.

Problems Caused by Spiders

Though most spiders in Vermont pose very little threat, these pests can seem quite scary. A spider bite may lead to redness, swelling, or itching, while an allergic reaction can mean a trip to the emergency room. If you want to safely remove spiders from your home or business, contact or call the experts at Waltham Pest Services.

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