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Stink Bugs in New Hampshire

Stink Bugs in New Hampshirebrown marmorated stink bug image

Although there are over 30 types of stink bugs in NH, the most common species are the green and brown marmorated stink bug. This pest makes its way into buildings in the fall, looking for a warm place to overwinter. When one finds an ideal location, it releases pheromones that attract other stink bugs to the area.

How Do Stink Bugs Get In?

Stink bugs get in New Hampshire homes and businesses through several methods. A few easy access points include:

  • Gaps between window and door frames
  • Cracks in foundations and siding
  • Air conditioning units
  • Holes in and around chimneys

What Do Stink Bugs Look Like?

These pests are easy to identify thanks to their shield-shaped bodies. Brown marmorated stink bugs are about the size of a nickel with six legs and long striped antennae. They are dark brown with white patterns on their backs. On the other hand, green stink bugs have a similar shape and size but have green bodies bordered by orange-yellow lines.

Problems Caused by Stink Bugs in NH

Large numbers of these insects tend to invade buildings all at once. Stink bugs in New Hampshire homes and businesses can cause damage to crops and houseplants, as well as an unpleasant odor that many people find off-putting. If you have a stink bug problem, call Waltham Pest Services or contact us online to speak to a professional today.

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