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What Is the COVID Quarantine Doing to Rats??

Have you seen the clips going around about an abundance of rats in the streets in cities like New Orleans? It’s not just that city and it’s not just those rats. It’s no ratageddon yet, but we have to be conscious of the fact that these rodent’s normal patterns will change because of the changes we are making to our normal daily routines.

Figuring out the different behavior rats may develop because of the Covid-19 quarantine will help us figure out how to deal with them. The Center for Disease Control is reporting that rats have been acting aggressively and unusually and credits the quarantine with these changes in behavior. What kind of changes could we see?

More courageous rats:

Ever since we have been self-quarantining, we have obviously gone out less and less. Quieter streets and restaurants could mean rats that aren’t afraid to venture out into them anymore. That includes during the day and the lack of food means they will also try coming into homes in hopes of finding a meal. They used to run, but now they are hungrier than they are scared. Braver, bolder rats is what we may have to deal with soon.

In-fighting among rats:
It is certainly survival of the fittest in the rodent world right now. Rats that used to live in harmony, could start turning against each other. Of course, the strongest rat will survive. Ever heard the term hangry? It applies in the animal world too. And anything standing in their way of a meal could become the meal – including a smaller, weaker rat. What we eventually will have on our hands: all the strongest rats. Nobody needs that.

Eating their young:
How much worse can these gross rodents get? How about eating their own young? We already established they will eat another rat if they are hungry enough, but they will also eat their young. It’s a meal and one less mouth to feed. Saying it that way doesn’t make it any better.

So, what can be done? The first step is to go on the offensive with a trusted pest control company. There have been cities using feral cats to help, but I’m not sure we are there yet.

At Waltham Pest Services, we have always used creative pest control tactics and strategies to deal with any pest we come across. And dealing with weird

Waltham follows the rats to find the source – wherever their nest is. So, it’s not just about dealing with the rats in the streets – where are they coming from? That’s what Waltham will do. That’s when having a board-certified entomologist makes a difference.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how the rats change their behavior. Waltham is prepared to help. Give us a call today. Probably shouldn’t wait for only the strongest rats to be around. You can get in front of it with Waltham.

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