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What You Need to Know about DIY Pest Control

With YouTube and Google, everyone thinks they can turn to the internet to find a DIY solution to almost any household problem – including pest control. The problem with that is do-it-yourself pest control remedies can actually make your pest issue larger than it initially was and put your house and the people and pets that live in it in danger.

DIY Dangers

Do-it-yourself pest control can actually be dangerous if the products used to fight pests aren’t handled properly. Here are some things to think about and be cautious of before you start a DIY pest control project.

  • Be Cautious with Chemicals: The chemicals used for pest control should be handled with care. Professional technicians go through trainings and certifications to be able to use them correctly. Without that training, you could cause bodily harm, be exposed to more chemicals than is necessary, and even damage your home structurally. Be sure to follow the directions and read the warnings. Better yet – leave it to the professional technicians.
  • It’s More than Treating: Treating pests at the source is the only way to actually take care of them. You may treat for ants in the kitchen, but how are they getting in? Also – do you know what kind of ants you’re seeing? The treatment for carpenter ants is very different than for sugar ants. Oftentimes, people mistake termites for carpenter ants. The damage termites can do to your home can be extremely costly, so misidentifying them can have serious monetary consequences. It takes a trained eye to identify the pest you have and where their entry points are.
  • What Is Your DIY Treatment Doing Wrong: Misusing traps, baits, and pesticides can actually lead to a larger pest problem than you had in the first place. Most of the over-the-counter methods repel pests. That may sound good to you in the moment, but keep in mind what repelling means. It pushes the pests away; possibly to another room in the house or into harder to find hiding spots. You want to eliminate pests – not repel them. DIY methods mostly repel, which may be good to keep pests away, but it won’t take care of any pests you already have.

When Should I Call an Exterminator?

We recommend you contact a pest control professional at the very first sighting of a pest. The earlier in the infestation they can get there, the easier it will be to take care of it. Many pests are social creatures that live in colonies, so if you see one, there are definitely more where that came from. Be sure to contact a professional company with the right experience and expertise. Find out the 5 things to look for when choosing a pest control company.

Be sure to tell them if you did attempt to take care of the pest issue yourself. Be honest – the more information they have, the better they can treat your pest issue. If you bring in the right company, not only will the pest issue be taken care of, but they will be more than willing to educate you on how to keep them out in the future.

At the end of the day, the important thing is to keep your family and your home safe. Trying to do something yourself that is best left to a pro can threaten that. Seek out the help of a professional so that your pest problem can be dealt with safely and efficiently.

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