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Spider Season – Is It Every Season?

Is there a season that doesn’t involve spiders? Nope! While most pests including spiders thrive in the warmer months, some species have actually learned some skills to survive during times they used to die off. Some are even able to make it through the cold New England winters.

Summer: Just about every pest enjoys summer. Even during the balmy days, spiders will still seek out your home – mostly to find sustenance. They don’t eat hot dogs, either. They are looking for other bugs to snack on including other spiders. They also enjoy mosquitoes and flies, but they really aren’t picky eaters. So, make sure to schedule some routine pest services to help keep out their food sources and their brothers and sisters.

Fall: Just because you tend to see more spiders during autumn does not mean there are more of them.

It’s mostly that the eggs that were laid in the spring have hatched and they have had time to get bigger. Also, spiders mate in the fall, so during mating season they are looking for, well, a mate! Not only are they looking to mate, but they know what kind of weather is on the way and they know they don’t like it. So, your home is once again looking attractive. Even though some species lay their eggs in the spring, some use the fall time to lay spider eggs, and they would like somewhere warm to do so.

Winter: Nobody could survive outside in subzero weather. But some species of spiders produce compounds called glycol that is stored in their bloodstream. Think of those compounds working like your car’s antifreeze. It’s pretty amazing, really. Spider eggs don’t have that compound, so while spiders lay their eggs in late autumn, they search for warm, insulated spaces. In addition, they do their own insulating using webbing wrapped thickly around the egg sac. Even with that, they prefer to lay the eggs in your house. Where do spiders lay eggs in houses? They prefer out of the way yet warm areas like corners, behind pipes, and basements. Is your next question, How do spiders get into your house? The unfortunate answer is any and every crevice and crack.

Spring: April showers bring May flowers, but those flowers come with even more spiders that would like to come inside. During this time, the ground thaws, and the lady spiders come out from hiding to lay

eggs and repopulate the spider world with their next generation. Some spiders can lay up to 2,500 eggs but most lay about 100. One hundred is more than you want to deal with, but over two thousand? So, if you were wondering do spiders hibernate, the answer is yes and no. They kind of hide out but not fully hibernate, but then they do get more active in the spring. Yet another season for spiders. Remember every little crevice is an opening a spider can take advantage of – including torn screens. Sealing up cracks and replacing screens will not only help keep out spiders but plenty of other pests as well.

So now that we know all seasons are spider season, you’re probably thinking, How long do spiders live? There is an incredibly long range in this answer – from one to twenty-five years! And if you think the answer is different when you ask how long do house spiders live – well, you’re sorely wrong.

We now know all the answers to where do spiders go in the winter, when do spiders lay eggs, how do spiders get into your house – do you want to know when spiders mate? How about when spiders start coming into the house? Unfortunately, the answer to almost all these questions is all year long. Some spiders may lay eggs only in the fall, but other species lay eggs year round. So, whether you think spiders are super gross or a Chinese symbol of good luck, the more information you have about them, the better you can deal with them.

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