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A Healthy Attic in 5 Easy Steps

When’s the last time you were in your attic? Maybe your holiday decorations are stored up there and you will be heading up soon. But, if you only go up once a year, how do you know if the insulation is not as healthy as it should be? Pests like wasps, mice, rats, and even cockroaches love insulation since it can be nice and cozy and provides plenty of materials for nesting. If pests have made their way into your insulation, then they have possibly brought with them fungal pathogens, bacteria, and even mold from their urine. If any of that gets in the air, it can travel throughout your home. If that happens, it could make your family (and you!) sick.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to clean insulation. So, what’s the answer? These five easy steps can help you breathe easier.

Step 1: Get rid of the pests!

Bring in a professional pest control company to get rid of the pests that have invaded your attic. If you don’t complete this first step, don’t bother with the next four!

Step 2: Keep them out!

The pests that are in there got there somehow. A trained eye can help you find the points of entry and may even be able to help eliminate some. At the very least, they can point them out and you can have a contractor or roofer come in to fix.

Step 3: Get it out!

Removing the dirty insulation is definitely the next step in creating a healthy attic. Besides the fact that it could be making someone sick – especially if you have someone with allergies or asthma – there is probably a terribly strong odor. The good news is most of the bacteria and the smell will leave with the old insulation.

Step 4: Clean it up!

Disinfecting and vacuuming the area is highly advised at this stage. You could take this as an opportunity to downsize or organize your attic if you use it for storage. Need some help? Check out these 10 tips for organizing. You may end up moving on to the pantry, closets, and the basement!

Step 5: New insulation installation!

All homes need insulation. It doesn’t matter where in the country you live. Proper insulation keeps your home cooler in the hotter months and warmer in the colder months. It can also lower your energy bills and put less stress on your HVAC system. Replacing HVAC equipment can be very costly, so you want that working in tip top shape as long as possible. Insulation can help with that. So, new insulation is the fifth and final step to a healthier attic.

The great news – Waltham Pest Services can provide you with help at almost every step. From eliminating the pest issue, to installing new insulation, use the company you already trust. We even have a blown-in insulation choice that resists mildew and repels many household pests. Unfortunately, you will have to do the attic cleaning and organizing. But maybe you’ll find your old bell bottoms. We hear they’re back in style.

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