Rats in the House

Picture of a Roof Rat

Why Rats Enter Homes

Rats enter homes in search of food, water, and shelter. They are able to squeeze through surprisingly small gaps in foundations, around doors and windows, and even along rooflines.

Where Can You Find Them in the House?
The pests quickly and easily make themselves at home, nesting in basements, attics, and wall voids while finding the fastest routes to food and water. Remarkably agile, rats in the house utilize pipes, cables, and wood joists to get around.

Signs of Rats in the House

Noise is often the first sign of a rat in the house, as these animals squeak and squeal frequently. They also habitually chew to keep their permanently growing teeth in check, creating scratching and grinding sounds as they destroy household items and structures. Homeowners might notice feces and urine, especially in corners or near food supplies.

The pests also leave greasy marks on walls, floors, and ceilings from their oily fur. Together, these oils and droppings create a noticeably musty smell associated with infestations.

Getting Rid of Rats in Homes

It’s best to act quickly to remove any rats in the house. Leaving an infestation to grow unchecked may lead to several problems including disease transmission.

Also keep in mind, a rat’s gnawing habits can spark house fires if they target electrical wiring. For the prompt service a rat infestation requires, contact the professionals at Waltham Pest Services.

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