Rodents in Connecticut

Picture of Two House Mice

Rodents Found in CT

Connecticut is populated by many different rodent species. The most prevalent ones in the state are Norway rats, house mice, and white-footed mice. These pests spread diseases, infest food and water supplies, and destroy wiring and other items inside of buildings.

Kitchens, restaurants, and trash bins make convenient sources of food for these omnivorous scavengers. Norway rats are the largest of the three rodents and typically nest in crawl spaces, basements, and burrows outside the structure. They also transmit dangerous diseases such as leptospirosis, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever.

Common Mice Species in Connecticut

House and white-footed mice both commonly invade homes throughout Connecticut. During the fall and winter, mice will move into temperature controlled buildings.

The pests are often found inside walls, attics, basements, and cabinets. They prefer to nest in dark, secluded areas and places where nesting materials (cardboard, insulation, paper) are readily available. Both of these mice are capable of spreading diseases with their feces and urine.

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