Termites in Maine

Image of Termites

Are There Termites in Maine?

Though not as common as other pests, subterranean termites in Maine can cause problems for local houses and businesses. Coastal areas of the state are especially at risk, as these insects prefer to feed on water-damaged wood. When left untreated, termite infestations create dangerous and costly structural damage.

How Do Termites Get Inside?

In Maine, termites seek out wood with high moisture content. Timber that touches the ground also gives them an entry point into buildings like homes, warehouses, and offices. While support beams are likely places to find the pests, they may also infest window or door frames as well as wooden furniture.

Termite Signs

One obvious sign of termites in Maine buildings are winged reproductives. In the spring, swarmers leave their nests to mate and start new colonies. Finding the pests’discarded wings on windowsills is a strong sign of infestation.

Mud Tubes
Mud tubes may also suggest a problem. These gray-brown tunnels extend from the nest to sources of wood and keep the workers safe while they forage.

Getting Rid of Termites in Maine

Termite control is difficult once the insects take hold. Destroying infested wood or mud tunnels may help reduce populations. However, this doesn’t guarantee complete removal. The termite experts at Waltham Pest Services can provide the best solution for homes and commercial properties.

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