Worker Termites

Image of Termites

Identifying Worker Termites

Adult subterranean termite workers are wingless and grayish-white in color. They have plump bodies with no defined waist or neck. Worker termites are blind, sterile, and live up to five years.

People rarely spot worker termites because these pests avoid the open air. The insects move through mud tubes that provide moisture and safety from predators. This travel system is critical to the colony and therefore a good way to spot a termite issue. In homes or businesses with an active infestation, workers will repair damaged mud tubes quickly.

Diet and Problems
Worker termites venture into homes, apartments, offices, and other facilities to forage for food. Once they find lumber, the pests release chemicals and pheromones to alert the rest of the colony. Worker termites ingest wood cellulose, which they later feed to the others back in the nest.

Qualified Termite Control

The first sign of an infestation is usually a mating swarm. A group of winged termites in or around a home or business often indicates a colony nearby. These insects look different than worker termites, with dark bodies and four wings of equal size.

Termites are tough to remove without professional help. New England residential and commercial property owners can trust the well-trained staff of Waltham Pest Services to handle termite issues.

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