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Category: Beetles

Beetle Information for Identification & Control
Beetles find all kinds of reasons to come indoors, from hunting down food sources to searching for shelter. Whether you have carpet beetles in the attic or ground beetles in the basement, Waltham Pest Services is here to help. Our experts developed these beetle fact blog posts to help you target the problem and discover a prevention or removal solution.

Is that a destructive wood borer or a helpful garden beetle? Insects can be hard to identify at first glance without the right information. Our pest guide gathers the beetle information you need all in one place. Browse images of common East Coast beetles, read about pests in your state, or learn about the damage different species of beetle can create.

When beetles appear in your home or business, you need resources now to know what they are, how they got inside, and how to keep them out. Our informational blogs on beetles let you determine your next step fast. Need help dealing with an infestation? Contact Waltham Pest Services for efficient inspection and control.

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