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Beetles in New Hampshire

Types of Beetles in NH

There are many types of beetles in NH. Some invade structures looking for meals and shelter, while others get trapped inside by mistake. Identifying these common insects is the first step toward avoiding damage and infestation.
carpet beetle photo

Destructive Beetles in New Hampshire

Some pests cause damage when they get indoors. For example, carpet beetles eat wool, leather, and other natural materials. The confused flour and sawtooth grain beetles both live up to their names, feeding on pantry goods such as packaged rice, dried fruit, and of course, grain and flour.

Accidental Invaders

Some beetles in New Hampshire end up in buildings by accident, but the pests still cause problems. Firewood may bring powder post beetles inside, and these insects feed on hardwood furniture and flooring. June, Japanese, and carabid ground beetles might not harm anything in homes, but their appearance alone is alarming for many people.

Do You Have a Beetle Infestation?

Beetles can contaminate stored goods, destroy fabric, and startle homeowners, patrons, guests, or tenants. Since many beetle species hide inside their food sources or among seldom-seen nooks and crannies, you might not realize there’s a problem until the damage becomes obvious, which means it may also be beyond repair.

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