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Dung Beetles

What Do Dung Beetles Look Like?

Dung beetles measure from one-eighth inch to one and one-quarter inches long. Their shells are usually brown or black, though one New England species has a metallic green sheen. These insects use their short, club-like antennae to help them smell and find piles of manure. Some dung beetles also have horns for fighting.

How Can I Tell if I Have a Dung Beetle Problem?

This pest relies on animal droppings to survive. Dung beetles live in or near feces, using waste as a shelter, food source, and place to lay eggs. These habits make manure in lawns and fields the best spot to see the insects. Checking for a few signs of dung beetles can tip you off to an infestation:

  • Small beetle holes in dung
  • Adult pests in or under mounds of excrement
  • Feces molded into round pellets

Since dung beetles’ dark color makes them blend into their surroundings, they can be tough to spot. Look for movement around droppings. These pests are strong fliers and can crawl quickly.

How Do Dung Beetles Get Inside Homes and Businesses?

Dung beetles are outdoor pests that rarely enter buildings. However, areas with plenty of animal poop, like yards, barns, or gardens fertilized with manure, may attract these insects. If you have pets or livestock, you’re more likely to find a dung beetle nearby.

Are Dung Beetles Dangerous?

While dung beetles have some unpleasant habits, their presence can be beneficial. They aerate the soil and recycle important nutrients into the ground. By burying the feces of animals, a dung beetle can also reduce amounts of E. coli bacteria that may contaminate water or garden produce and make people sick.

How Can I Prevent Dung Beetle Infestations?

Although these insects are helpful in many ways, dung beetles may become a messy nuisance. Since they depend on waste to feed and raise their young, removing pet, wildlife, and livestock droppings can help avoid potential issues. For assistance with dung beetle problems, contact the experts at Waltham Pest Services.

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