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We service Pittsfield homes and businesses from our Agawam, MA branch located at 630 Silver Street Unit 2A, Agawam, MA 01001.

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Pittsfield Pest Control

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Since 1893 Waltham Pest Services has been giving you winning service in pest control.
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We incorporate our Green Theme into all aspects of our pest control services and firmly believe that our role as pest exterminators is to rid your home or business of pest infestations but at the same time protect and preserve the environment.
Our use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) insures that we reduce the amount of chemicals while effectively removing your pest and rodent problem.

Pittsfield Pest Control & Protection

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Pittsfield Pest Pressure

Pittsfield, MA, is home to over 40,000 residents and a variety of pest species. The city sits at the convergence of two branches of the Housatonic River and, in recent years, rat and rodent populations have seen a significant spike due to rising water table levels. In turn, these Norway rats enter Pittsfield homes to escape the harsh area winters. Once inside, rodents can chew away at insulation, structural supports, and electrical wiring, as well as negatively impact food stores with droppings and urine.

Residents also experience various home invasions by brown marmorated stink bugs, Asian lady beetles, cluster flies, and box elder bugs as the weather begins to cool. None of these nuisance pests is known to bite humans or carry infectious diseases, but they often congregate in large numbers. More than a nuisance and new to the region, the spotted wing drosophila is an invasive species that, unlike other fruit flies, can infect healthy crops. With a state forest nearby, populations of Asian longhorned beetles, emerald ash borers, and winter moths are consistently a problem, as well. Winter moth larvae can defoliate entire host plants when infestations are left unchecked, while Asian longhorned beetles hollow out areas beneath the bark of trees.