Ticks in Connecticut

Picture of Deer Tick

Common Types of Ticks in CT

Since Connecticut’s climate is moist and residential areas are developed within and near forests, ticks are able to thrive. In the state, deer and American dog ticks are the most common species present. Ticks in Connecticut live in grass, tall foliage, and under leaf litter, and feed on the blood of host animals.

Known for carrying Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, and other bacterial infections, deer ticks risk spreading infections to people. Likewise, dog ticks can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Differences between Connecticut Ticks

While ticks are less active in cold weather months, both of these adult ticks can still be found outdoors. Homeowners can distinguish between the two species by their appearances.

Dog ticks are larger than Deer ticks in most cases and also have visible white streaks (marbling appearance) behind their heads, while deer ticks are a reddish color with a black spot behind the head. Watch for the pests in damp and humid areas around Connecticut, as well as land populated with deer.

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