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Category: Ticks

Tick Information: Safety, Diseases, Pictures & Prevention
Looking for tick facts to help you understand more about these common backyard pests? The Waltham Pest Services research team created this tick information guide to help people in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine prevent bites and infestations around their homes and businesses.
Our tick blog series offers details about bites, disease transmission, what the pests look like, and how to prevent them from affecting people and pets. You can also discover facts about tick species that live in different parts of New England and where you’re likely to encounter them.
Worried about ticks around a landscaped business entrance, hotel pool area, or in your own backyard? Whether you want help with identification or need tips to manage a tick problem on your commercial property, our informational articles on ticks can guide you in the right direction. Need more assistance? Contact Waltham Pest Services for a free home inspection or business consultation.

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