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Pictures of Ticks

What Is a Tick?

Ticks generally live outdoors in tall grass and foliage. Commonly mistaken for insects, these pests are arachnids that feed on blood from animals and humans. They are a nuisance to hikers, campers, dog walkers, and anybody who works or relaxes outdoors. The most common ticks in New England are the American dog tick and the black-legged tick.

What Does a Tick Look Like?

American dog ticks prefer open areas with little to no tree cover such as grasslands or backyards. They are light brown with mottled markings on their backs. Also called deer ticks, you can find black-legged ticks in densely wooded areas. The males are black, while the females have an orangish-red rear.

How Big Is a Tick?

An American dog tick might get as big as the width of a pencil eraser, while a deer tick is about half that length. These pests grow larger with each life stage but start quite small. Many bites come from nymphs, or juvenile ticks, which can be as little as one-sixteenth of an inch, making them difficult to detect.

Are Ticks Dangerous?

Despite their small size, a tick bite can pose a serious threat to people and pets. Some ticks might transmit pathogens that cause harmful diseases like Lyme disease, babesiosis, and tularemia. Help prevent infections by checking yourself, children, and pets after spending time outside.

Pictures of Ticks

When trying to identify different species, the easiest way to figure out what you’re dealing with is to look at pictures of ticks. Some of these pests are more likely to affect New England homes and businesses than others. Less common types include the Lone star tick, woodchuck tick, brown dog tick, and winter tick.

Tick Images

picture of tick biting skinWhen a tick bites a person, they can be hard to remove after they latch onto the skin

photo of tick on human finger

This photo of a tick on a person’s finger shows the small size of the pestimage of tick on someone's pants
A person might bring ticks inside a home or business on their shoes or clothes. In this image of a tick on someone’s pants, you can see how the tiny pest may be hard to notice.

Deer Tick Images

illustration of a female deer tick
Illustration of a female deer tick

picture of a black-legged tick
Picture of a black-legged tick

image of a deer tick on skin
Image of a deer tick on skin

Deer ticks are some of the smallest species of ticks. Depending on whether they are male or female, the black-legged tick can be black and brown or have a reddish appearance. When they bite a person or a pet, they might become tangled in their hair, making them harder to remove.

Brown Dog Tick Images

closeup photo of a brown dog tickThis closeup photo of a brown dog tick shows the pest’s tan and brown back with a mottled pattern.

Wood Tick Images

closeup image of a wood tick on skin

This photo of a wood tick shows the pest’s colorful appearance with splotches of red and white.

All ticks vary in color. They also might have patterns on their backs like the mottling on a brown dog tick. Pictured last, the wood tick, while not as common in New England, is notable due to its ability to transmit disease. No matte which tick you have in you New England backyard, professional tick services can help keep your family – including the furry ones – safe from these blood suckers.

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