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Should You Use a Pest Control Company to Disinfect?

Saying your company can disinfect a business and actually being able to do it are two different things. Often, opportunity and circumstance breed pop-up companies to fill a need. People want the places they go to be disinfected – let’s start a disinfecting company! Unfortunately, inexperience and lack of formal training or compliance knowledge can have dire consequences at the moment.

The logical thought would be to call a cleaning service. But that can be misleading, too. Industrial disinfectants are not the same as everyday bleach. You don’t even need a cleaning company to bleach – a homeowner can do it. Although you would not expect a homeowner to be able to effectively use a disinfectant that is commercial grade and has active ingredients like quaternary ammonium compounds, oxidizing agents, or peroxides.

So, at this point – who can you trust to successfully disinfect your business? You may be shocked to find that your pest control company is who you should turn to. What are the reasons for this conclusion? You may be surprised.

Top 5 reasons:

Reason #1: The agency regulating pesticides is also regulating the ingredients used in industrial disinfectants. Disinfectants are defined by the EPA as “microbial pesticides.” Any pest control company that is reputable will ensure their technicians are trained and certified to use these products. Not only does that mean they know how to use the products, it means they will be licensed and certified to be in compliance with the regulatory requirements out there. If you ask the company you are considering if their technicians are, in fact, licensed and certified, the answer should be an emphatic yes.

Reason #2: It’s not just the products that take training – it’s the equipment. Yes, the technicians need to be trained to use the products, but what about the correct equipment to properly apply the products? If you have someone who is not familiar with that specific piece of equipment, they may not use the right amount in the right locations. It takes training to know the correct amount to put in the correct spot so that the microbes you are looking to eliminate get the lethal dose needed. If the technician does not have that knowledge, he/she could be leaving behind viable microbes. The only way to complement – and not just duplicate – what the cleaning company is doing is to use someone that knows the equipment in addition to knowing the product.

Reason #3: Disinfecting and pest control are both considered a public health service. Pests can spread several diseases and illnesses including salmonellosis, Lyme disease, and even malaria. There are plenty more, so the fact that pest control is a public health service is clear. Disinfecting is more obviously associated with public health, but now that you put the two together, it’s undeniable that they go hand-in-hand. The major difference? You won’t find a cleaning company that also does pest control. But you will find the flip side of that. So, if you go with a trustworthy pest company, their technicians are already trained to use the equipment and the products to successfully disinfect.

Reason #4: Who knows your facility better than your current pest control provider? It stands to reason that if a technician has been in your building and knows the nooks and crannies – especially the hidden areas that pests enjoy – then that person will know not only the nature of your business but the layout of your facility. Having someone disinfect who already knows your building will mean a quicker treatment (less downtime) and vitals areas will be treated (more effective treatments). Downtime and missed areas both can cost you money.

Reason #5: Expertise and experience are paramount at the moment. Just because a company is in pest control doesn’t mean they are reputable. Years of experience affords a company some serious credibility in the industry, and Waltham Pest Services has been doing this for 130 years. We even have the Waltham® UltiClean™ disinfectant treatment.

If you’ve decided to have a disinfectant service done in your facility, you should use a company you trust. If Waltham Pest Services is your pest company of choice, then it’s a simple choice to use us for disinfecting as well. If you haven’t used us for pest control, keep in mind our years of experience. So, if we come out to perform a disinfecting treatment, our trained pest control eye is always on point. We are always on the lookout for any pest issues the pest company you are currently using may have missed – including some alternative treatment ideas that could save you some money. Call Waltham Pest Services today. It’s a free estimate, so there’s nothing to lose but plenty to gain including a top-notch disinfectant treatment from a company you can trust.

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