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Baby Stink Bugs (Nymphs)

What Do Baby Stink Bugs Look Like?

Young stink bugs, called nymphs, hatch from eggs located on the underside of leaves. They molt five times before reaching adulthood and appear rather different in every stage. Depending on the species, a baby stink bug could have multiple colors throughout each molt until it starts to look more like an adult.

Baby Stink Bugs in New England

The two most common types of this insect in New England are the brown marmorated and green stink bug. Both lay barrel-shaped, spiked eggs onto host plants like sweet corn, and apple and pear trees. This is so the young stink bugs have a place to feed once they hatch.

The brown marmorated stink bug nymph has a beetle-like appearance with a black or dark brown body and reddish-orange patterns. They develop harder exoskeletons as they grow and become a lighter brown. Green stink bug nymphs are black and go through several variations. They might be yellow or red, but eventually turn green.

The Problem with Baby Stink Bugs

Females deposit eggs in clusters of 30 to 50 at a time. The baby stink bugs hatch after only a few days and begin eating plant material. This can cause significant damage to gardens as well as house plants when the infestation is indoors. To avoid this nuisance pest, call Waltham Pest Services to prevent or remove baby stink bugs in your home or business.

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