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Carpenter Ant Bites

Reasons Carpenter Ants Bite

Carpenter ants often build nests in moisture-damaged New England homes and businesses. They feed on plants, household sweets, and other insects. Unlike ticks or bed bugs, these pests do not bite humans to take blood meals. However, a carpenter ant may bite in self-defense if handled or injured.
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Do Carpenter Ants Bite or Sting?

Unlike European fire ants, carpenter ants don’t sting. However, the insects’ powerful jaws can deliver a nasty bite and may even break the skin. Carpenter ant bites typically produce mild swelling and redness that lasts for a few days.

Are Carpenter Ant Bites Painful?

In addition to the initial pinch, a carpenter ant releases formic acid when it bites. This chemical produces a burning sensation similar to a bee sting. An allergic reaction to an ant bite can cause severe inflammation, which could require emergency care.

Carpenter Ant Bites & Infection

To prevent infection from carpenter ant bites, wash the area with soap and water and avoid scratching. Multiple infected ant bites may require medical treatment. Concerned about a carpenter ant – or any ant – infestation in your home or business? Call Waltham Pest Services today to learn more about removal and control.

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