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What Do Baby Centipedes Look Like?

Baby Centipede Development

Baby centipedes are almost identical to adult centipedes. Whether fully grown or recently hatched, all centipedes have a similar flat, oval shape. Regardless of age, the insect’s body is brownish-yellow in color with black stripes down the back. The size of the pest is the most obvious difference between a baby centipede and its mature counterpart.
baby house centipede image
After hatching, larvae only have four segments and eight legs. The baby centipede then goes through several growth stages. During each of these six phases, the juvenile develops one new body segment and another pair of legs. The insect reaches its full length once it has 15 sets of legs, but is not an adult until it molts four more times.

Centipedes are common nuisances in New England. These pests favor damp places such as bathrooms and basements. Warm indoor temperatures also allow these insects to mate and breed throughout the year. Consult a Waltham Pest Services expert today if you think you have a centipede problem in your home or business.

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