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What Industries Could Benefit from a Disinfecting Treatment?

It’s safe to say all industries could use a treatment to disinfect their buildings and equipment right now. Coronavirus or not, the peace of mind a service like that could bring to owners, tenants, employees, and customers alike is worth it. There are a few industries that could use it maybe more than others right now.

On the top of the list could be these 3:

Multifamily: There are several places in both apartment buildings and multifamily homes that multiple people touch on the regular. A disinfectant service can help you start from scratch. Have a new tenant moving in? A disinfectant service can be a really great way to welcome them – and could have possibly helped with the rental of that unit. There are also high-touch areas that are used by all. Handrails, the front door, a clubhouse, laundry room, etc. can be disinfected routinely for extra security. But the most important reason is our homes are even more important than they used to be. We want to feel safe in them and a disinfecting treatment can help tenants, their families, and their pets sleep soundly.

Office Buildings: Office workers will be going back to work eventually. Having them come back to a fully disinfected office building? That’s a confidence and comfort that is priceless. A nice clean slate is what they (and you) will get with a disinfectant treatment, but adding monthly or weekly treatments to your usual cleaning service? Peace of mind all day long.

Schools: Is there anything more important than our future leaders? And is there anyone more careful with them than their parents? The answer to both of those questions is: NO. But the owners of those schools can try to be just as careful with them. If it’s a daycare center with our tiniest leaders, or a university with the ones that will be taking care of us soon, having a disinfectant treatment done will show the moms and dads that you care as much as they do. And that means they will be more apt to send their kids back. Covid-19 aside, there are plenty of viruses students can give to each other. All educational buildings should be thinking of routine disinfectant treatments.

While these three industries stand out, all industries should really be doing this right now. The businesses that don’t may not hold up to the ones down the road that did. Public health and safety have become the most important thing – top of the list for all. Waltham Pest Services has been a part of public health and safety for 130 years. You can now trust us with the disinfecting and sanitizing of your business with Waltham® UltiClean™. Contact Waltham today.

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