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Your Office Building Can Reopen with Confidence

There’s been no traffic, and our commute has been basically walking down the stairs. And we don’t think anyone would complain about sweats being the new business casual. So, there have undoubtedly been some perks, but we’re pretty sure we all want this to be over. The good news is it sounds like it’s close to coming to the end.

What phase are we in? When will we hit phase 3? Just a couple examples of questions we never thought we would ask, but we are. Safety is at the forefront of opening back up. Reopening needs to be done as safely as possible. Employees should be conscious of what they need to do, but keep in mind that employers, building owners/managers, and operations specialists are responsible for taking the appropriate steps to provide a healthy, safe working environment. There are very helpful guidelines provided by the CDC.

Here are the three we thought stood out the most:


What building owners can’t do is provide more flexibility – but employers can. If your employees have been working remotely and are still productive, there’s no reason for everyone to come back at once. That way, you can stagger workdays and work hours easily without a lot of disruption. The most important thing to be flexible about is employees calling in sick. People are being more conservative about a sniffle here and a headache there right now and for good reason. They should not feel uncomfortable calling in sick just in case. And they certainly shouldn’t suffer consequences from doing so. Tell them that and then stick to it with actions. But it’s not just calling in sick for themselves. They also will need time to take care of sick relatives and family members. Be sure if someone close to them is diagnosed with Covid-19, they feel comfortable sharing that information with you. They need to know you will keep it private, but that you also expect them to stay home until they are sure they have not contracted it. You also need to know so you can bring in a professional disinfectant service to get your office back to square one.


Since your building has been less occupied (or not at all), it can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, mildew, and mold. According to the CDC, you should bring in a professional plumber to flush your HVAC system of the mildew or mold that could have grown while the building was closed. They can also take care of any water that had been left stagnant during this time. That standing water is where bacteria associated with biofilm (think Legionnaires’ disease) can grow. The plumber will also make sure your water is set to the proper temperature. Think about the last time you were there. Do you think just cleaning would be enough to make your employees and tenants feel comfortable walking back in? It’s not. A full-on disinfectant service from a company you can trust is a necessity before inviting employees back. And making sure to add disinfecting to your regularly scheduled cleaning procedure will help them stay confident.


You’ll make sure your areas of the building are being cleaned and disinfected, and we mentioned the HVAC being flushed. But it’s more than that. Because it hasn’t been running regularly, you should treat it like you’re installing something new. But, then also make sure to clean it like it’s old. Additionally, if you aren’t the only tenant in your building and you share it with others, make sure they are following the same CDC guidelines you are. Common areas like elevators, stairwells, and bathrooms should be professionally disinfected daily and cleaned several times during the day. Everyone in the building should be on the same page – it’s easy when the CDC provides that page for you.

The only thing we see over and over in these tips is the disinfectant service. Before opening – disinfect. While you’re open – disinfect. After opening – disinfect! And be sure everyone else in the building is doing the same. Waltham Pest Services knows there’s more to it than just picking a company to perform the service. Choose a company that is using a product included on the EPA’s “List N” of products that meet their criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the causal agent of Covid-19. The company shouldn’t be just misting and walking away, either. Doing a wipe-down of areas that are touched often using a product at full strength may take longer, but it will be the most effective strategy. The product should also be non-irritant and approved for use in kitchens as well. That way, every area of the building can be done at once.

The Waltham® UltiClean™ disinfectant service does all of this and more. So, call Waltham Pest Services today to get a free estimate. Also, can we recommend putting in another coffee machine 6-feet from the one you already have? You don’t want under-caffeinated employees on your hands.

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