The HomeReady™ Program

Providing peace of mind.

What is the HomeReady™ Program?

Whether you’re a real estate agent, a homeowner with rentals, or you’re flipping a house, you know that property will become someone’s home someday. With the HomeReady™ program, new homeowners or renters can walk in with confidence and security knowing that their residence is germ- and pest-free.
The HomeReady™ program takes several steps to make sure the space you’re renting or selling is truly ready for a new resident. A certified and licensed Waltham Pest Services technician will:
  • Inspect/treat for mice
  • Inspect/treat for cockroaches
  • Inspect/treat for occasional invaders
  • Inspect/treat for rats
  • Inspect/treat for bed bugs
  • Treat the baseboards for crawling pests
  • Perform an UltiClean™ disinfectant treatment


As soon as the HomeReady™ process is complete, you will receive a certificate you can present to the new resident outlining what was done. The technician will even put a sticker over the door so that when someone moves in, they will have to break the sticker’s seal, ensuring the home is pest-free and disinfected. This solidifies for the new resident that they truly chose the right home – and the right person to help them along the way.
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Lisa T.
Agawan, MA