The Waltham DataPro365™ Customer Portal


online customer portal


If you are still using spreadsheets that you populate and manual punch cards, the time has come to move beyond those old methods. Streamline your reports and documents and eliminate human error for every location you have. And view all of them together in one custom dashboard.


You will have online access to review the analysis of trends and data, pay invoices, and review reports for every location you manage all from your PC, smartphone, or tablet. All from the comfort of your home office. No need to physically visit every location anymore to keep tabs on your pest control


The DataPro365™ customer portal is your digital logbook of all pest activities including the baits and stations our technicians are checking. Now, in addition to viewing, updating, and creating log entries, you can be 100% sure our technicians are doing what they say.


It doesn’t matter if you have two hundred locations or two locations, your custom dashboard can keep track of all of them. Less travel to review those manual punch cards means all the info you need is right in your hand.

This portal is so much more than online bill payment. As the name suggest, you will be a pro with 365 degree data for every location you manage – all in one dashboard. No more human error, take less time to update your logbook, and never again come up short when the inevitable audit comes your way. You will always be able to immediately present clean financial data as well as all of your pest control strategies.

  • Be always audit-ready
  • Less human error
  • One dashboard for all locations
  • Be more proactive with data and trend analysis
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