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We service Sandwich homes and businesses from our Hyannis, MA branch located at 35 Winter Street, Hyannis, MA 02601.

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(800) 752-1015
Service area includes:

  • Bourne, MA
  • Buzzards Bay, MA
  • Centerville, MA
  • Cotuit, MA
  • East Sandwich, MA
  • Forestdale, MA
  • Marstons Mills, MA
  • Monument Beach, MA
  • North Falmouth, MA
  • Onset, MA
  • Osterville, MA
  • Pocasset, MA
  • Sagamore, MA
  • West Barnstable, MA
  • White Island Shores, MA

Sandwich Pest Control

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We are an experienced pest control company with a high success rate in the removal of insects and rodents from your home or business.

History -
Waltham Pest Services has been providing exceptional and professional service while protecting your family from pests and rodents in Massachusetts since 1893.
Our technicians are highly trained and have even been nationally recognized for their continuing education on the behavior, biology, and control of pests.
It is our belief that as pest exterminators it is our role to rid your surroundings of insects and rodents but at the same time to protect the environment and we incorporate that belief into all of our services with our Green Theme.
With Waltham Pest Services and our use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), you can rest assured that we use the least amount of chemicals we can while effectively resolving your pest problem in Sandwich.

Sandwich Pest Control & Protection

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Sandwich Pest Pressure

The oldest town on Cape Cod, Sandwich, MA, enjoys warm summers and higher than average annual rainfalls. Bordered by water and home to a state forest, the town is in position to encounter a variety of pest issues throughout the year. Like other densely populated areas, Sandwich tends to attract numerous pests, including cockroaches, rodents, flies, termites, and carpenter ants. Carpenter ants and termites can cause extensive structural damage to homes and businesses, creating a significant threat to historical areas of the over-350-year-old town. Furthermore, the waters of Cape Cod Bay bring high humidity to the area, which can lead to mosquito infestations vectoring various diseases such as West Nile virus.

As the traditionally mild winters approach the region, other insects such as stink bugs, beetles, and weevils often enter homes to look for sources of food or warmth. Stink bugs aggregate in large numbers and may prove difficult to eliminate from the home once inside, while stored product pests can breed and destroy foodstuffs indoors. Rats and mice may enter the home for the same reasons as other pests and establish nesting sites, especially when the weather gets colder. Bed bugs can also find their way into homes from travelers unknowingly carrying the pests on their luggage or clothing.