Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation

Picture of Carpenter Ants

Infestation Control

For homeowners in Waltham and Scarborough as well as throughout the rest of Maine, Massachusetts and the region the arrival of spring coincides with the beginning of carpenter ant problems. At Waltham Pest Services we understand how annoying infestations can be and are ready to help you get rid of carpenter ants at the first sign of a problem.

Appearance, Diet, & Behavior

In our area carpenter ants are typically black in color and tend to be larger in size than other ants. While many believe that this species of ant eats wood they actually survive on a diet of insects and the honeydew produced by insects such as aphids. They can also be found feeding on sweet and fatty food scraps inside a home.

Carpenter ants excavate wood for the purpose of making galleries and tunnels as well as expanding their nests, and though they will attack dry wood and trees, they prefer rotting or decaying wood. Inside a home these nuisance ants can be found infesting wood, foam insulation and are often discovered in hollow doors, window frames as well as areas that have excessive moisture such as bathrooms or around kitchen appliances.

Signs of Infestation

In the spring carpenter ants send out large swarms of winged adults for reproduction purposes. If there is a nest already inside your home it is not uncommon to see swarms of winged insects trying to exit through a window or opening.

Other signs of carpenter ant infestations include piles of wood particles that are made as carpenter ants tunnel in and around your home. It is also possible to hear activity in your walls if it’s very quiet. The surest sign of an infestation is actually seeing these pests foraging in your home or around your property.

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