Can Bed Bugs Jump Like Fleas? Do Bed Bugs Jump on People?

Picture of Two Bed Bugs

Do Bed Bugs Jump?

In addition to bed bugs finding carriers/transportation by direct contact, the insect possesses the ability to jump over very short distances. Relative to its size, the average bed bug is able to leap quite well and can jump up to three inches at a time in search of food, shelter, or hosts. Bed bugs may use jumping as a means to quickly move from one host to another or to quickly leave a host post-feeding

However, the most common ways bed bugs latch on to carriers is through falling onto or crawling on or into host clothing or bedding. The insect primarily moves around by crawling, although like many parasites the bed bug uses its host as means of transportation.

Using hosts as transportation, bed bugs are able to cover great distances and even travel cross-country, as the adult bed bug can go for more than 400 days between blood meals. As a consequence of this, bed bugs can be found in areas of constant to infrequent human activity such as movie theater seats, in hotel bed sheets, and in fabric cushions aboard public transportation.

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