Bed Bug Eggs

Picture of bed bug

What Do Bed Bug Eggs Look Like?

Bed bug eggs are creamy white, oval-shaped, and slightly bigger than a grain of salt. After roughly five days, a black spot appears in each egg, making it easier to find. Generally, female bed bugs lay eggs in the same places where they hide during the day. As a result, knowing some of the pests’ favorite locations can help with control.

Where Do Bed Bugs Lay Eggs in Buildings?

These insects must take a blood meal to lay several batches of eggs over a 10-day span, so they tend to stay close to their hosts. In homes, females deposit bed bug eggs in mattress seams, fabric folds, and gaps inside bed frames. Cracks in wood floors, nightstands, or other furniture can also harbor the pests.

Bed bug eggs don’t need a bedroom to cause problems. Businesses and public areas may suffer from these pests, as well. Crevices in chairs, booths, couches, and nearby furniture can also be a haven for eggs.

In buildings without night staff, infestations often go unnoticed longer, as these pests are nocturnal. When populations grow large enough, bed bugs may come out during the day to feed.

Bed Bug Removal

Adults, small brown or red stains on fabric, cast-off skins, or sometimes bite marks and rashes are usually the first signs of an infestation. After residents or building managers notice an issue, the next step is to contact Waltham Pest Services. Expert technicians can locate the areas where bed bugs lay eggs and provide effective removal.

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