What Causes Bed Bugs?

Bed bug in bedroom

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs flourish in populated areas. Not only are humans their main food source, but they’re also one of the pest’s primary sources of transportation. For this reason, it’s often difficult to pinpoint where bed bugs come from in residential or commercial spaces.

Some of the most common ways bed bugs get into homes and buildings include:

  • Luggage from a hotel or airplane
  • Secondhand furniture
  • Merchandise stored at an infested warehouse
  • Clothing and fabric items

What Causes Bed Bugs Indoors?

The idea that bed bugs only infest unclean buildings is a myth. The pests aren’t that discerning and will settle anywhere with food and shelter. Since they take blood meals from people, bed bugs will happily move into homes, apartments, hotels, offices, furniture stores, and warehouses.


Bed bugs are as tough to control as they are to keep out. In addition to the many causes of bed bug issues, a variety of factors sustain an infestation. Bed bugs have a high reproduction rate, so the pests can become a big issue in a short time. Also, all the insects need is blood and a comfortable environment to grow.

Adult bed bugs do not spread diseases as they feed. However, their bites can cause skin rashes and irritation. Furthermore, their presence often inspires insomnia in residents of infested buildings.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs to Leave?

Without complete removing eggs and adults, infestations continue to thrive. As such, controlling bed bugs requires up-to-date pest management skills. The experts at Waltham Pest Services have the background and expertise to handle bed bug problems in your home or business.

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