Cockroach Droppings & Feces: What Does It Look Like?

Picture of Oriental Cockroach

What Does Cockroach Feces Look Like?

A telltale sign of a potential infestation, cockroach feces can also indicate the type of species present in the building and give an estimate of the population size of infesting cockroaches. The particular appearance of cockroach feces generally depends on the size of the insect.

Of the cockroach species commonly found in New England, the larger American and Oriental varieties, which can each exceed an inch in length, produce cylindrical feces akin to mouse droppings. When magnified, American cockroach feces appears rounded and ridged, while the droppings of Oriental cockroaches are slightly tapered at one end.

Smaller than American and Oriental cockroaches, both the German and brown-banded cockroach excrete feces resembling specks of black pepper. German and brown-banded cockroaches often defecate on the walls close to thbe spaces they occupy.

Signs of Cockroach Infestation

The type of habitat each New England cockroach species prefers also affects the appearance of fecal matter. American, German, and Oriental cockroaches tend to live in moist environments and often generate more liquefied feces. The droppings of brown-banded cockroaches, which frequently inhabit higher and drier places within buildings, are typically firmer and more solid in composition.

Health Issues
Cockroaches defecate continuously when feeding, creating unwelcome accumulations of feces on counters, walls, and floors. In addition to serving as an unsightly nuisance requiring thorough cleanup, cockroach feces can cause health problems for New England residents, as the excrement may carry infectious and potentially fatal bacteria and viruses.

Problems Caused by Cockroach Droppings

Cockroaches produce feces containing certain proteins that trigger an allergic response in humans. Allergic reactions to cockroach feces are most common in urban areas of New England and among residents with asthma or other respiratory ailments.

In addition to harming the respiratory health of humans, the allergens contained in cockroach feces are remarkably durable and long-lasting (allergens can persist in environment up to five years after cockroach removal if sanitation is lacking). Due to the persistence of problems attributed to cockroach feces, residents experiencing cockroach infestations should contact a professional pest control specialist in order to effectively handle their management.

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