Do Cockroaches Bite?

Picture of Wood Cockroach

Do Omnivorous Cockroaches Bite People or Pets?

What Do They Eat?
Like humans, cockroaches are omnivorous and feed on both plant-life and animals. Decaying or rotting garbage and other organic materials typically represent the preferred diet of cockroaches.

Where Do They Hide?
The insect primarily seeks hot, humid living conditions for shelter. As food sources run out, cockroaches often seek out and find other means of sustenance, especially when infestations reach problematic proportions and overcrowding exists.

What Kinds of Cockroaches Most Commonly Bite?

Entomologists regularly report instances of cockroaches biting humans in attempt to eat remains of food found on the flesh and underneath fingernails. The nocturnal insects often eat crumbs or traces of food left behind on the faces of individuals while they sleep in areas where cockroach infestations become an issue. While some species like the woods cockroach hardly infest homes or cause serious personal threat to humans, others like the German cockroach, the leading species of cockroach infestations in New England, are often the subject of reported cockroach bites.

Problems Caused by Cockroach Bites

Due to carrying a number of infectious diseases, cockroach bites should be taken care of immediately. Clean and dress cockroach bite wounds as soon as possible upon discovery. If faced with populations of cockroaches large enough that they are being bitten, individuals should consult a pest management professional to provide both quick knockdown and plan a long term cockroach suppression plan.

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