Tick Box Control System

Rodents around your business can help control ticks now!

The Tick Box Control System is a small, metal box that has a bait inside that’s attractive to rodents like chipmunks and mice. Both of those rodents are known tick carriers. The rodents, attracted to the bait, move through the box and pass under a small applicator wick containing a low-dose insecticide. The wick lightly brushes the shoulders or head of the rodent, gently applying traces of the insecticide. The insecticide won’t hurt the rodent or any other animal that might eat or touch them, but it will kill the ticks the rodents are carrying. In addition, a single dose will protect the rodents for up to 40 days against any new ticks. Less ticks around your business means less tick bites. And that means less Lyme disease.

5 Reasons to Use the Tick Box Control System

  1. Easy: The system boxes are self-contained and discreet. It’s effective for about three months so you could have a tick-free lawn all tick season long!
  2. Convenient: It’s an easy-to-use, low-maintenance, highly effective means of ridding the area around your business of ticks and reducing your employees’ and your guests’ chances of contracting Lyme Disease.
  3. Safe: Doesn’t hurt or deter the rodents or any wildlife that may eat them. It just treats them for the ticks they’re carrying around with them and they bring it back to their home to take care of those ticks, too.
  4. Targeted: A single mouse can carry as many as 100 ticks. By targeting mice – and chipmunks – more ticks will be targeted and therefore eradicated.
  5. Effective: The Tick Box Tick Control System has been proven effective in significantly reducing the number of ticks around your business. In field trials, the Tick Box Tick Control System reduced tick populations by as much as 88% after just one year!

Why Waltham Pest Services for the Tick Box Control System

Only a select number of professionals can offer you the Tick Box Control System. You must be specially trained and certified to offer it – and our technicians are! We’re always looking for new and environmentally friendly – yet still effective – pest control strategies. The Tick Box Control System interrupts the Lyme Disease cycle without harming wildlife or damaging the environment. Waltham Pest Services chose the Tick Box Control Systems for the impressive and innovative way it manages tick populations. The inventors of the control systems chose us because of our impeccable reputation, 130 years of experience, and the expertise of our Board Certified Entomologists. Together, we can keep you, your employees, and the surrounding wildlife safer.
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