Waltham Pest Services is your State of Massachusetts Approved IPM Vendor

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What is IPM?
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an efficient and comprehensive approach to pest management. IPM controls and prevents pest activity using multiple tools. These tools include sanitation, structural repair, storage practices, waste management, education, biological and mechanical control techniques, and the use of pesticides.

Waltham Pest Services is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Administration & Finance for statewide service. Our demonstrated abilities allows the company to inspect and submit bids for IPM services to state, county, and municipal facilities throughout Massachusetts. Contact us for further details or to set up an inspection.

What Waltham Pest Services offers:

  • Effective communication and documentation is critical to the success of an IPM program. Our electronic data collection and reporting software gives you access to information you need when you need it.
  • We offer LEED pest control by providing environmentally friendly, low impact and effective pest management
  • Our technicians complete rigorous training that includes safety, biology, effective control techniques and government regulations.
  • As part of our ongoing training program, our service and technical management teams receive continuing education that focuses on the pest control industry, leadership, and quality control.

Purpose and Benefits of State Contracts
Statewide contracts offer purposes and benefits that include:

  • Considerable time and cost savings to customers and agencies.
  • Offers Commonwealth purchasers a means of procuring quality, or “best value” goods and services, easily and efficiently.
  • Products made with recycled content, are energy efficient, or environmental benefit.
  • Services and products purchased that are more likely to perform well and offer adequate warranties.

To access the Massachusetts state contract:
To find the contract details and pricing on the Commonwealth’s website, the Procurement Access and Solicitation System (Comm-PASS), search the site using the following steps:

  • Front page of Comm-Pass select search for contracts link.
  • Search page – input FAC74 in the document number box and click search.
  • Sentence Link – Click on the sentence link at the top of the search page and the contract title will appear.
  • Click on the eyeglasses at the end of the active contract name.
  • Click on the Terms Tab for contract information or click on the Vendor Tab.
  • Click on the “eyeglasses” next to Waltham Pest Services.

Waltham Pest Services Vendor Code is – VC0000519481

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