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Employee Spotlight: Nicholas Ventresca

Our employees take pride in working for Waltham Pest Services. They are passionate about their jobs and truly believe in creating a partnership with the customers and communities they serve. And we love them too! Putting a spotlight on them is just one way to thank them for being such an important part of the team.Waltham sales inspector Nicholas Ventresca

Q: What’s your name?
A: Nicholas Ventresca

Q: And what is your official title at Waltham Pest Services?
A: Sales Inspector

Q: What are your responsibilities?
A: Inspection of homes for any and all pest problems from ants to termites to wildlife to insulation.

Q: What year did you start working at Waltham?
A: 2020

Q: How many years have you been working in this industry?
A: 17

Q: What relevant positions did you hold before Waltham?
A: I have been a pest control technician, a wildlife manager, and a termite manager.

Q: What is your education background?
A: High school – also some college for music with computers.

Q: Do you have any relevant certifications or specialties?
A: I have my Massachusetts pest applicator certification. I also have a certification in music with computers.

Q: Have you received any relevant awards?
A: I have received awards for outstanding sales with the companies I have worked for in the past.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to include?
A: Yes! Waltham Pest Services is an amazing place to work. I have been here now for a year. Having worked in the pest industry for over 17 years, I can say Waltham has great managers like Ed McGonagle and Brad Petty. I would not be where I am today without their support. They really do care about their employees needs and that is very hard to find.

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