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Pictures of Flies

What Do Flies Look Like?

Flies are one of the most common household pests in the world. In general, these insects have oval-shaped bodies with six legs, two wings, and a large pair of compound eyes. There are several different types of flies found throughout the New England area, including:

  • House Flies: House flies are a species of filth fly. They have yellowish-gray bodies with four narrow stripes on their sides.
  • Blow Flies: These flying pests have reddish-brown eyes and a metallic blue or green sheen to their bodies.
  • Fruit Flies: Fruit flies are light brown and yellow with big red eyes. Males also have black dots on their wings.
  • Deer Flies: The striped bodies, banded wings, and patterned eyes of deer flies distinguish these insects from other species, making pest identification easier.
  • Cluster Flies: A cluster fly has a black checkerboard design on its abdomen and a layer of golden hair on its body.
  • Flesh Flies: Flesh flies are similar to cluster flies, but they have dark black bodies and gray rather than gold hair.
  • Greenhead Flies: These insects have light brown bodies, flat heads, and large green eyes.

Photo Gallery of Pest Flies

Some flies deliver painful bites to humans and animals. Non-biting species are a nuisance when buzzing around lights and windows, and they can also contaminate food and spread pathogens on surfaces throughout your home or business. The following fly photos can help you recognize these pests and develop a plan for control and removal.

New England house Fly - Waltham Pest Services can help you control the flies in your home

New England house fly

Side view of a house fly

Side view of a common house fly

Phorid Fly

Horse fly on a leaf

Close up of a fruit fly

Close up of a filth fly

Deer fly on human skin

fly pest control

Cluster Fly close up photo

Blow Fly image

Extreme close up of a blow fly

fly pest control

Close up of a fly

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