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Does Your Pest Control Need a Second Opinion? Here Are 10 Reasons!

Loyalty to your vendors is admirable, but it can also make them too comfortable. Nobody should be always thinking their customer is going to bail on them, but knowing you are reassessing their services consistently will keep them from getting lazy. In addition to that, it will reassure you that the money you are shelling out for their services is well spent. Even if you are happy with the service your current pest control company is providing, seeking a second opinion can uncover a few things you wouldn’t have known. Need a reason? Here are ten.

  1. Is your pest control company suffering from complacency? There’s really no way to know that until another company points out some things that could have been being done. Having an unbiased company come in and review what is being done can uncover anything that may be sloppy. Better to find out like that than the hard way.
  2. Are more modern strategies not being used? Has your pest control company kept up with the newer ways of preventing pests? Top-notch pest control companies are always reassessing their own practices to utilize more than just treatment for pests. If your pest control company is not utilizing the most up-to-date methods, a second opinion will uncover that.
  3. Are you paying too much? Oftentimes, new strategies could help prevent pests – saving you money on treatments or infestations. If you have been with the same pest company for a number of years, costs could have changed. Having a second opinion can either show you there are savings to be had or that you are paying exactly what you should. Peace of mind is important, too.
  4. Does your pest control company always show up? Is your pest control company missing appointments or not notifying you of a delay in service? Are they making up for it? Does the customer service representative take care of you like you are an important client? This may have nothing to do with the technician or pest control, but bad customer service is part of dealing with a vendor. Don’t get pushed aside.
  5. Is your customer information at your fingertips? Having an online portal is really a must-have right now. At the very least, you should be able to pay invoices and review the treatments that have been done on your facility. Better yet if you can track trends and view/update SDS labels. If your current company doesn’t have something like this – it may be time to look at them again.
  6. Is your pest company always innovating? No company should stay stagnant. If your pest control company hasn’t added new services to their portfolio, then what are they doing all day? The company you’re using should also be able to disinfect your facility, provide scenting services, floor drain maintenance, and even canine rodent detection. If the current company you use can’t offer you more than just pest control, what else could they be missing?
  7. When you chose initially – was it the first company to get back to you? If you had a pest infestation and needed a quick fix, nobody would judge you for choosing the company that got back to you the fastest. But now that you aren’t pressed to find a company, you can take the time to “interview” some others.
  8. Does your pest control company keep up with CDC guidelines? Guidelines in many industries, like food processing, are very stringent. Although with everything happening in the world, most industries are moving toward those stricter guidelines – for obvious reason. So, if your current company isn’t already following the constantly changing regulations the CDC is putting out there, you need a company that is. It’s important in all industries, but right now, it’s integral.
  9. Is your pest control company inspecting outside your building, too? If your current pest control company is not inspecting and treating the exterior of your building, they could be missing where the pests are coming from. Those are preventative measures that aren’t being done and possibly costing you money. Both the inside and the outside of your building should be considered and included in your pest control. If your current company doesn’t agree, that’s a red flag that a second opinion is truly necessary.
  10. Are your treatments guaranteed by an experienced company? Many companies will say their treatments and services are guaranteed, but how long have they been in business? Frankly, a guarantee is only as good as the company behind it. So, if the company you are using doesn’t have a guarantee, the need for one that does is a no-brainer. If it does but hasn’t been in business all that long, how can you be sure they will be around to honor that guarantee?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter why you think you need a second opinion. Getting one is a good idea, and not just for pest control. Consider your other vendors and make sure they are providing you with optimal service, too. Just make sure the companies you bring in for a second opinion provide you with a free evaluation of the pest control strategies being employed at your business after doing a free inspection. Nobody should charge you for that. If they do, move onto another.

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