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Rodents in Massachusetts

Identifying Rodents in Massachusetts

picture of rats
The most common New England rodents are rats and mice. These pests can cause plenty of problems for homeowners and businesses, including property damage, food contamination, and risk for disease. A few key signs that you have an infestation include:

  • Droppings
  • Chewed food packages, wires, or baseboards
  • Burrows in the ground


Deer mice and white-footed mice prefer grassy fields and forests, but they might move into human structures like sheds or vacation homes when temperatures drop. On the other hand, the house mouse lives closer to residential areas. It relies on these places for warmth, food, and protection. Mice are able to squeeze through a hole as small as a quarter-inch.


Norway rats, also known as brown rats, live in heavily populated locations where food is plentiful. They nest in underground burrows, but may enter buildings in search of a meal. Another rodent in MA is the roof rat, which has the ability to climb and jump several feet. Both rodents can crawl through pipes or fit between crevices and into vents to gain entry.

Managing New England Rodents

The main threat that rodents in Massachusetts pose is contamination and the spread of disease. Rodent urine, droppings, and saliva may carry pathogens that are harmful to people. Call or contact Waltham Pest Services if you think you have a problem with mice or rats in your home or business.

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