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Top 3 Issues of Pest Control in Apartment Buildings

If you manage a multifamily building, own two-family rentals, or even just have lived in an apartment you know how difficult it can be to manage pests like mice, cockroaches, flies, and of course the elusive bed bug – just to name a few. But the reasons why pest control in apartment buildings is so difficult vary. Here are the top 3!

1. Bed bugs should be dealt with quickly.

It’s no secret how difficult bed bugs can be in hotels but in multifamily buildings, they are just so much worse. From traveling and hitchhiking to adjacent apartments, to expertly hiding until bites happen, they are a threat that most apartment buildings will have to deal with at some point. According to Get One Desk, 89% of pest control professionals say they’ve dealt with bed bug infestations in apartment complexes. That’s a staggering statistic. Since bed bugs have nothing to do with cleanliness like cockroaches, flies, and mice do, they can show up anywhere. The best strategy for dealing with bed bugs is to be proactive. The ONLY way to be proactive with bed bugs is to have routine inspections done by bed bug-sniffing dogs. Having properly trained dogs inspecting your building will catch just one bed bug – even just one bed bug egg! Catching them that early can not only help keep them contained in one apartment, but it can also make the bed bug treatments go much smoother and possibly get these pests eradicated in one shot.

2. Only the property manager/owner can deal with the pest control company.

It may be well-known among property managers and owners, but some residents don’t realize this rule. They will often call the pest control company directly instead of getting in touch with their property manager first. This can prolong the pest issue and give the pests more time to reproduce. If they do call the pest control company, they will be unsatisfied with the answer the customer service representative will have to give them (sorry but you have to call your property manager!). As the property manager, the best thing you can do is use a reputable company AND address any pest issues your residents raise with you immediately. Don’t put off calling or use a less than reputable company.

In addition, make sure you’re not only very clear with your residents about this rule but make sure the pest control company you partner with has compassionate customer service representatives and attentive and prompt technicians. For most residents, this can be a life-changer. Just because they don’t own it, doesn’t mean it’s not their home. While the pest control company should be dealing with the owner or property manager, the technician should still treat the residents like they’re important, too. That type of service is good for the resident and the manager.

3. Pest control should be routine and prompt.

Facade of a modern apartment building

You shouldn’t be waiting until there’s a pest problem to call a pest control company. Mice will reproduce quickly in secluded areas that have food, shelter, and water. Cockroaches will infiltrate your boiler room, trash areas, and any other area that isn’t used all that often or doesn’t see a lot of foot traffic. Routinely inspecting these areas will keep pest populations under control. Leaving them be and you could be facing a much larger infestation – much more difficult and much more expensive to deal with.

Routine inspections in the apartments themselves will do much of the same! But only if you use a pest control company that not only keeps their appointment times but has the same technicians servicing your building. They will not only get to know the building itself but the residents. Seeing the same person with proper identification and a professional uniform coming in and out of the building you live in can seem like a small thing, but it’s not. Feeling secure and safe where you live is a huge thing! We all want that.

The pest control company you use is only as good as their technicians. When the technician is a pro, not only are the residents happy, but the property manager looks great. The best thing your pest control technician can do – second only to taking care of the actual pests – is to communicate with the residents as well as the property manager. That will ease their minds about anything from pest control to the products being used for it. If the technician doesn’t explain what they’re doing in and around people’s apartments, how can the property manager relay that information to their residents? Having a technician that openly and plainly communicates with everyone sounds like a simple thing, but it goes so far. That’s the kind of professional and dedicated service your residents deserve. And the kind any good property manager should be looking for.

When tackling pest control in apartment buildings – or any multifamily home – the most important thing is choosing the right company for the job. Make sure the company you choose will treat you and your residents like you’re their most important customer. Why settle for less?

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