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Women in Pest Control

The pest control industry is made up mostly of male workers – a whopping 95 percent. We were wondering why that is. It could be because pest control is a misunderstood industry. In order to demystify pest control and what it takes to work in this industry, we spoke to a couple of women that are proud Waltham Pest Services employees. The answers they gave to our questions might surprise you.

Lisa Weidmaier, Waltham Training and Technical Manager, has a few answers to why women should consider a career in the pest control industry. The first part of her answer focuses on two abilities that come naturally to women – problem-solving and building relationships. Because that’s what pest control is all about, women will excel in the industry. There was a study done at Harvard University that confirms her thought. They said since women’s brains are smaller in mass than a man’s, their neurons are packed tighter, which means better multitasking and quicker decision-making. The study also shows the front lobe, which is responsible for both decision making and problem-solving, is larger than in a man’s. It makes it easier for women to access the part of the brain (the right side) that is responsible for creative thinking. All of this adds up to an efficient and effective problem solver. We happen to agree.

Lisa also said that women should consider this industry because it’s about “doing important work that protects the world we live in.” Since pest control is about keeping people healthy and safe, it was recognized as an essential service during the pandemic. So, it’s less about bugs than it is about keeping people safe. More and more people are at home right now, so making sure their homes, their families, and their pets are healthy and safe became even more important to them. We were there for them the whole time. It’s safe to say this industry also affords anyone who works in it with growth opportunities.

Lisa is even a member of the PWIPM (Professional Women in Pest Management). When we spoke to her about it, she said she’s a “member at both the local and the national level.” She also said, “It’s important to network with other women in the industry, and the PWIPM gives you that opportunity. You can build relationships and benefit from their knowledge and experience. And it’s not just pest control associations. Belonging to associations, in general, gives you the ability to get certified or earn credentials in any area that is most important to you.” We love seeing women supporting other women.

It’s not just working in pest control, though. Lisa said working at Waltham Pest Services makes a difference as well. She notes that Rollins, Inc., a global consumer and commercial services company, owns Waltham Pest Services. Rollins is a large company, and you can “pull from the resources available at a large company while still having a local presence and be part of the community. With those larger resources, we can also provide knowledge, support, and services to our communities.”

We also sat down with Katelyn Bryda, one of our service technicians out of our Waltham Branch who has been with us for about four months now. We asked what she says to a woman when she asks her why she should consider pest control as a career. She said, “Let’s face it – not many people LIKE bugs, but it’s not allWaltham employee Katelyn Bryda about that. It’s about helping people and businesses. There’s so much room for growth in this industry. I know people at other jobs who are making the same amount of money they were making ten years ago. You can’t live like that. Waltham Pest Services cares about their employees – and their employees are truly their focus. The support systems here go all the way up the ladder. Just because it’s a male-dominated industry doesn’t mean women can’t dominate it, too! Every day you get to play Nancy Drew and make an impact.”

Pest control is, indeed, a great career choice for women – but make sure you choose the right company. Lisa added that “the integrity and ethics at Waltham Pest Services makes a big difference. They are focused on doing the right thing every time. They also are open to providing ongoing education opportunities through outside resources like the NPMA, Purdue University, and State Universities as well as internal education and classes.”

Does it sound like we’re bragging? Maybe we are. But who would say no to doing some Nancy Drew-type work every day? There are a lot of women who work for Waltham Pest Services – both in the field and behind the desk. We think they would all say if you are in the market for a new career or if you are just entering the workforce and looking for a good career path right out of the gate, the pest control industry may be just what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in a career in pest control at Waltham Pest Services, check out our careers page.

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