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We provide the area surrounding Pembroke with quality pest control service.

No matter what pest you're having issues with in and around Pembroke, our team of seasoned pros can help you tackle it. Homeowners and business owners in Massachusetts both need a pest control company that understand the pests in the area, the area itself, and the pest treatments that will get rid of ants, mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs, and any other pest that may be bugging you. From bed bugs to termites, we have decades of experience as a local pest exterminator and proven methods to get them out — guaranteed. Give us a call, we're here to help everyone in and around Pembroke because we are the trusted pest control company near you.

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Whether it's your home or business, nobody wants bed bugs around. Give us a call — we'll get them out.
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Termite Control

Protect your largest investment from hungry termites. We'll inspect it for free and keep it safe
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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are considered the world’s most dangerous animal just for the sheer number of diseases they can carry. Stay safe from West Nile this year.
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Your backyard should be your happy place. Don’t let ticks threaten your family and pets with Lyme disease. Our treatments can help.
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Q: What are the most common pest issues that home and business owners face in the area?

A: Mice, ants, and bees for homes. Mice, cockroaches (German roaches, American roaches, and brown-banded cockroaches), ants, and flies for businesses.

Q: How do the seasons affect pest activity around Southeastern Massachusetts?

A: Mice are generally year-round but tend to enter homes in the fall. Ants are a spring issue, usually starting in April/May, depending on when the outdoor temps begin to rise. Bees and other stinging insects start to forage in spring and nest in early summer. July through October is when nests really start to become visible and grow in size.

While there is a seasonal impact to pest activity in businesses, commercial spaces generally need year-round attention. Mice will try to enter structures in the fall, and ants will become active in the spring, but in temperature-controlled environments, flies, roaches, and other common pests can be a year-round issue if not properly identified and treated.

Q: What are some common signs of pest activity around homes and commercial properties?

A: Mouse droppings in homes, garages, and sheds. Ants on decks, in kitchens, and in other areas of the home. Yellow jackets and other stinging insects generally build their nests in eaves and over hangings of homes and other structures.

In businesses, we find mouse droppings in mechanical rooms and food service areas, flies around food sources, trash and recycling areas, and open doors.

Q: When should property owners call Waltham Pest Services?

A: Homeowners should call Waltham Pest Services if they have recently purchased a home and would like a free pest assessment of their new house. If they think there is a pest issue in their home, or simply want to protect against, and proactively treat for, common household pests. If they are active outdoors, or have children or pets that spend significant time outside on their property, they should give us a call about our tick and mosquito reduction services.

Business owners should call Waltham Pest Services for a free assessment of their property, for a free evaluation of their current service, or when there is a potential pest issue that needs to be addressed.

Google Reviews
131 reviews
Claude VanVolkenburg
Claude VanVolkenburg
2 years ago
Can't say enough about the service. The bank dropped the ball on our mortgage loan. 3 days before closing, a requirement to have termite treatment done before closing was levied. Received permission to perform the service the night before the closing. Nick and Jesse went above and beyond to schedule us at the last minute, complete the work the morning of the inspection, and get us the needed paperwork immediately. The professionalism and genuine caring for the customer is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Waltham Pest Services. I will be a customer for any future needed services.
George Cushman
George Cushman
5 years ago
Waltham Pest Services is awesome. They care about their customers and their technicians are extremely knowledgeable and very professional. It's always a pleasure to work with Joe D. He is responsive and always willing to go above and beyond to ensure his customers are happy. Highly recommend this company and you would be lucky to get Joe D. as your technician.
Been using Waltham Services for over twenty years. I own a commercial building and where it is impossible to have a pest free facility. Having Waltham Services on a monthly inspection schedule of my facility has kept any pest issues to a very low minimum. When there has been an issue. They have been very responsive. And their team from the office personal down to the field techs are the most friendly. Anyone looking for a good reliable pest control company. I suggest giving Waltham Services a call.
Cynthia Roberts
Cynthia Roberts
5 years ago
We use Waltham Pest at my company for twice monthly service as preventative maintenance and I have to say they have been wonderful to work with. Dan, our service tech, is always professional and helpful. Eric the service manager is easy to work with. My only preference would be able to reach our tech directly with issues or concerns instead of having to go through the office who sends a message to the tech.
Shannon Williams
Shannon Williams
3 years ago
We moved into a new rental property and discovered a mouse problem after two weeks. The landlord sent over a pest control person and two weeks later we were still having issues. We then had Waltham come out and they were fantastic in comparison. They were timely, professional, friendly, patient and knowledgeable. They knew I was stressed about the issue so the manager who did the inspection came back out himself a couple of days later when the service technicians weren't available. Nick has been so patient with my many questions and everything he has explained feels honest and makes sense. He didn't patronize me at all during the process even though my fears and discomfort are slightly irrational. Can't say enough good things - highly recommended.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Issues in Massachusetts

Over 90,000 people call Pembroke home, making it the sixth-largest city in Massachusetts. Coastal regions with dense populations, along with other factors, attract pests that can make life challenging for businesses and homeowners.

Population density

Thousands of people living, working, eating, and shopping near one another create pest-friendly conditions. In cities like Pembroke, homes and businesses in close proximity provide rodents and insects with everything they need to survive and thrive.

Busy Business Sectors

Commercial spaces are prime real estate for pests. Restaurants, hotels, and retail shops around Pembroke provide cockroaches, mice, and rats with plenty of places to hide, find food and reproduce. Infestations are particularly common for foodservice providers, as crumbs, spills, and odors attract hungry pests.

Pembroke MA, has one of the most productive ports in America, and commercial fishing earns millions of dollars each year. Every part of harvesting, preparing, storing, and shipping seafood attracts pests. Rodents and insects can damage and contaminate products at any stage of the supply chain.

Massachusetts Climate

Cities near the New England coast like Weymouth, New Bedford, and Fall River have wet climates and warmer temperatures during the summer months. Mosquitoes, ticks, cockroaches, and earwigs all prosper in humid environments.

Common Pests in Our Area

  • Termites - These destructive insects invade buildings with wood supports, like decks or fencing, that touch bare soil. Termites can also start colonies in Pembroke homes and businesses when winged swarmers get inside through open doors or windows. While the individual insects are tiny, large populations can cause serious structural damage over time.
  • Bed Bugs - Bed bugs don't transmit diseases, but they do leave irritating bites on the skin. They enter homes by clinging to clothing, furniture, and other belongings. Hotels in Pembroke, Weymouth, New Bedford, and Fall River need a tough pest control plan to protect their guests from bed bug bites.
  • Mosquitoes & Ticks - These biting insects become a major nuisance as soon as summer gets underway in New England. Bites from mosquitoes and ticks can transmit dangerous diseases in addition to causing itchy, swollen welts on the skin.
  • Rodents - Rats and mice sneak into buildings looking for food and nesting sites. Rodents travel through sewers and hang out in dumpsters, which means they also transmit bacteria to every surface they touch.
  • Cockroaches - Food crumbs, warmth, moisture, and darkness attract cockroaches. Much like their rodent counterparts, these insects contaminate countertops and tables as well as food in cupboards, cooling units, and pantries. Cast-off cockroach skins and their waste can also trigger reactions for those with allergies or asthma.
  • Earwigs - Earwigs aren't harmful to humans, but their presence may be frightening for hotel guests, apartment tenants, and homeowners in the Pembroke area. These long, thin-bodied insects also damage plants in flower beds and gardens.

Pest Control for Pembroke Businesses

Restaurants, apartment complexes, and hotels are always at risk for pests. Insects and rodents are experts at finding hiding spots. Rats often nest unseen inside appliances, cockroaches lurk under icemakers and termites stay concealed as they consume wood supports from the inside out.

Illness is another concern when it comes to pests. Pembroke eateries and commercial kitchens with cockroach or rodent problems risk transmitting salmonellosis to their customers through contaminated surfaces and food. Even a few poor reviews and complaints are enough to do irreparable harm to a business's reputation.

Warehouses, seasonal cottages, and storage facilities with little foot-traffic attract rodents that are vectors for hantavirus. Deer and white-footed mice prefer isolated habitats, and contact with their saliva, urine, and feces is dangerous. When cleaning up disused warehouse areas or opening cabins for the summer, this dried waste can become airborne. Inhaling these particles is a common means of infection.

Signs of Infestation

Even if you haven't spotted the insects or rodents themselves, there are a few telltale signs that indicate a problem. Examine building interiors and exteriors for the following:

  • Termite mud tubes stretching across foundations or basement walls
  • Rodent droppings in pantries or rat and mouse poop found along baseboards or in corners
  • Oily smudges left by rodent fur rubbing along walls
  • Cast off skins, limbs, egg cases, and droppings left behind by cockroaches
  • Tiny, rusty spots on mattresses, sheets, and comforters that indicate bed bugs

Strict cleaning schedules and regular building maintenance go a long way toward thwarting pests, but it's always an uphill battle. For professional assistance with rodent and insect infestations in your Pembroke home or business, contact Waltham Pest Services.