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We serve Waltham and surrounding neighborhoods with top-notch pest control.

We're dedicated to providing the best service possible to Waltham, MA, and surrounding areas such as Boston, Framingham, and Worcester. Waltham has its own unique pest pressures — from mice to roaches and everything in between. Homeowners and business owners in Massachusetts both need a pest control company that understand the pests in the area, the area itself, and the pest treatments that will get rid of ants, mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs, and any other pest that may be bugging you. Thankfully, we are the local pest exterminator that has the team of pros in your own backyard who are ready to knock out the toughest pest problems. The trusted pest control company near you is just a phone call away. Read more about pest problems in nearby Worcester.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches in your home or business? Not for long. We're here to help our neighbors in the area with superior roach control services.
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Bed Bug Control

Whether it's your home or business, nobody wants bed bugs around. Give us a call — we'll get them out.
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Ant Control

Ants will go marching, right through your kitchen. Mostly seen in spring and early summer, we can escort them out.
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Bee, Wasp, and Yellow Jacket Control

Bees, wasps, and yellow jackets can cause trouble around your home in Waltham. If you're having issues, give us a call.
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Q: What are the most common pest issues that home and business owners face in the area?

A: We see a variety of insects and rodents.

Q: How do the seasons affect pest activity around the Boston area?

A: Winter means less insect activity with an increase of rodents searching for shelter. Spring and summer bring more insects like ants, termites, bees, and cockroaches.

Q: What are some common signs of pest activity around homes and commercial properties?

A: Property damage, droppings, and actual pest sightings.

Q: When should property owners call Waltham Pest Services?

A: Before there is a problem, so we can put preventative measures in place.

Google Reviews
53 reviews
Jane Starr
Jane Starr
a month ago
I contacted them for help with the smell of a dead animal in my wall. They talked me into a pest control contract and assured me that this issue would be taken care of during the initial visit. When the tech arrived he said based on everything I had described exactly the same on the phone, the smell was from a larger animal and was not something they could take care of. They charged me almost $300 to lay down a couple of mouse traps which was not an issue I was having. The person on the phone should have told me they would not be able to help with the issue I hired them for. I called them to discuss this and was put in touch with their manager. He told me he would “take care of it” and get back to me by the next morning. This was months ago and I have never received any message or communication from him. I have tried to call back and they are impossible to get in touch with. When we bought our home we also set up quarterly termite control. Besides the initial appt they have never contacted us or come for any termite maintenance. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Horrible communication and they will charge you to do absolutely nothing for you.
Alexander Chu
Alexander Chu
9 months ago
We had a wasp nest 20 ft up in a tree. It was in a hard to reach location and it was easily the size of a basketball. They responded to our inquiry quickly and came out to assess the situation. By the next day they had the nest handled with no stress on our end. Thank you peeps!
Stewart Uretsky
Stewart Uretsky
7 months ago
It was fairly difficult to set up an appointment. We had an inspection after calling about a bee problem in our house. They were very good about getting us to sign a contract from the amount to treat the problem and also tried to get us to sign in for other services. Someone was supposed to call back to schedule a visit after the initial inspection and did not. We eventually called back. The technician who came was very helpful and courteous.
Sol R
Sol R
7 months ago
Terrible experience. They come and I have to show them all the areas and they don’t always look to make sure. I was in the hospital in labor and missed a service and they did not come back. The tech that comes to my house moves things and doesn’t put them back. Careless with the Sheetrock he moved had things dropping from my ceiling.
Tom Rogan
Tom Rogan
4 years ago
I've been using Waltham Services for 5 year for my pest control, termite control and mosquito spraying. My experience with them was great until my customer service rep left late last year. Since then I've had numerous problems with lack of response from their customer service representatives. Despite repeated outreach, by both phone and email, I didn't receive responses. When I finally did receive a response follow up has been slow and incomplete. I also haven't received notifications prior to service visits, follow up for missed visits, and have been double billed for one service. I'm hoping the response improves but if not I'll be switching to another service. The one positive aspect has been my service tech, Dennis. His professionalism and dedication to providing quality service is the reason I've put up with the current poor communication as long as I have.