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We're dedicated to providing the best service possible to Waltham, MA, and surrounding areas such as Boston, Framingham, and Worcester. Waltham has its own unique pest pressures — from mice to roaches and everything in between. Thankfully, we are the local pest exterminator that has the team of pros in your own backyard who are ready to knock out the toughest pest problems. The trusted pest control company near you is just a phone call away. Read more about pest problems in nearby Worcester.

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Q: What are the most common pest issues that home and business owners face in the area?

A: We see a variety of insects and rodents.

Q: How do the seasons affect pest activity around the Boston area?

A: Winter means less insect activity with an increase of rodents searching for shelter. Spring and summer bring more insects like ants, termites, bees, and cockroaches.

Q: What are some common signs of pest activity around homes and commercial properties?

A: Property damage, droppings, and actual pest sightings.

Q: When should property owners call Waltham Pest Services?

A: Before there is a problem, so we can put preventative measures in place.

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Residential & Commercial Pest Control Issues in Boston

As the most populous city in New England, it's no surprise that Boston, Massachusetts is a prime target for insects and rodents. This historic city attracts thousands of tourists, university students, and daily commuters, and Beantown's neighborhoods mix commercial areas with old and new homes. All of these factors, along with cold winters and hot, humid summers, create ideal conditions for pests.

Whether you're dealing with insects, mice, or rats, it's critical to handle infestations as soon as possible. Boston, MA has plenty of seasonal nuisances and occasional invaders, but some insects affect home and business owners more than others.

Common Pests in Boston

From Cambridge's hallowed halls to the financial district in Quincy and Newton's apartment buildings, all of Boston's neighborhoods are vulnerable to the following:

  • Bed Bugs - The pests enter homes and apartments by latching onto clothes, luggage, and second-hand items. Bed bugs do not transmit disease, but their bites do cause itchy welts and rashes.
  • Cockroaches - Damaged plumbing, gaps around doorframes, torn window screens, and cracked foundations all allow cockroaches indoors. You may find them searching for crumbs beneath appliances or hiding underneath sinks with leaky pipes.
  • Termites - Termites infest buildings with wooden structures in direct contact with soil, which is an issue for many older homes in Boston. They cause widespread damage over time by feeding on timber from the inside out. Left unchecked, termites can do serious structural harm to wood beams, flooring, and wall framing.
  • Stink Bugs - In cooler autumn months, Bostonians may find these insects crawling along walls, windows, and doors. When threatened or crushed, stink bugs release an unpleasant odor. While they are not harmful to humans, the pests' foul scent can be overwhelming when they invade in large numbers.

Boston Rats and Other Rodents

Rats are a typical issue in cities, and Boston is no exception. The pests frequent alleys between buildings, sewers under the streets, and public parks as well as playgrounds. Rodents fleeing construction sites on the South End and other parts of the city also increase rat sightings and activity.

Rodents can squeeze into buildings through dime-sized holes in pipes, broken sewer lines, and cracked heating ducts. Rats stay close to their food sources and breed rapidly, which is bad news when infestations occur in close-knit spaces like apartment buildings and office high rises.

Boston Businesses and Pest Control

Whether you run an Italian bistro on Charles St. or sell baked goods in Brookline, cockroach and rodent infestations can affect your bottom line. Contaminated goods and unfavorable customer reviews are often devastating for restaurants. Without a comprehensive plan for pest control, Boston eateries face numerous pests that are experts at finding food and staying out of sight.

Hotels in Boston are susceptible to bed bugs as well as other insects and rodents. Even with strict, thorough housekeeping, serious problems can begin with a single infested suitcase. In addition to mattresses and bed frames, the pests also hide in unexpected places. Areas behind picture frames and the undersides of furniture are common hideouts for bed bugs and their eggs.

Preventing an Infestation

Whether you have a historic home in Somerville or manage off-campus apartments in Cambridge, pests are a concern that never really goes away. However, there are some proactive steps you can take to prevent insects, mice, and rats from invading your home or business:

  • Reduce clutter - Dispose of nonessential files, shopping bags, and cardboard boxes that rats and cockroaches can use as a hideout. Regular vacuuming and decluttering reduce potential food sources as well. Additionally, cleaning up areas around dumpsters discourages pests by removing opportunities for an easy meal.
  • Seal entry points - Stop pests from entering a home or business by repairing foundation cracks, ripped screens, and openings around utility wiring and pipes. Keep in mind that stink bugs, mice, and cockroaches can sneak through tiny gaps. Inspect building exteriors frequently to fix problems before they allow pests inside.
  • Keep a tidy kitchen - Wipe up spills and sweep away crumbs right away. Forgotten or overlooked messes are a buffet for pests. Keep pantry goods safe by storing them in airtight containers. In commercial kitchens, make storage areas and hidden places under appliances part of your cleaning schedule.
  • Check problem areas - Leaking pipes and humid basements give cockroaches and rodents the water sources they need to survive. Keep a close eye on moisture and plumbing in your own home and act quickly to get problems repaired if tenants, employees, or customers report an issue.

Even with regular cleaning and repairs, protecting your home or commercial space from invading insects and rodent raids often requires expert assistance. Contact Waltham Pest Services for professional pest control in Boston, MA.

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