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Shrewsbury Pest Removal & Prevention

Why Contact Waltham Pest Services?

We offer the best professional pest control services with a high success rate in removing insects and rodents from your home or business.

History -
Waltham Pest Services has been providing exceptional pest control services in Shrewsbury and southern Massachusetts for over 100 years.
Our teams of technicians are highly trained and have been nationally recognized for their continuing education on the behavior, biology, and control of pests.
Green insect control. We use the Green Theme belief into all aspects of our services. Our Green Theme belief is that as Massachusetts pest exterminators it is our role to get rid of insects and rodents while at the same time protecting the environment.
Through the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) we can ensure that we use the least amount of chemicals while effectively resolving your pest problem in the safest way possible.

If you have carpenter ants, box elder bugs or any kind of pest problem in Shrewsbury or throughout Massachusetts, Waltham Pest Services can help.

Residential pest control services in Shrewsbury MA

We offer many different pest control plans and programs to suit your needs, such as a bee removal service, a carpenter ant plan, termite plan, bed bug plan and even a mosquito plan to eliminate those annoying insects. 

All of these programs are handled with the care of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program which reduces the chemicals used in eliminating the insect or rodent in your home but are still highly successful.  We also offer a Home Care Plan that includes two pre-scheduled visits, preventive treatment, and additional services. 

Please contact Waltham Pest Services for all your pest control needs in Massachusetts.

Shrewsbury Pest Pressure

The quality of life in Shrewsbury, MA, is enviable, but even this peaceful town is not immune to insect pests. During the fall months, when many species begin to go dormant, spiders and stink bugs make their presence known by taking shelter inside homes. While these pests are not harmful to humans, both may cause staining damage inside homes and are a nuisance. Some spiders can also bite, causing skin irritation. Sealing gaps around windows, doors, chimneys, attics, and wall vents may help keep them outdoors.

In addition, Shrewsbury residents deal with carpenter ants and termites. Carpenter ants tunnel into wood in homes to construct their nests, leaving unsightly holes and sawdust behind. Unlike carpenter ants, termites actually consume the wood, causing devastation in homes by weakening wooden structural beams. Neither of these burrowing pests causes damage quickly, but most of their work is silent and out of sight. Since homeowners can take a long time to notice infestations, taking steps to treat them as soon as they are identified is crucial.