Rat Droppings

Picture of a Roof Rat

Removal & Cleanup of Rat Feces

Norway rats commonly infest buildings in our service area, causing property damage and spreading diseases. Determining the presence of rats is essential for the effective removal of infestations.

Rat feces is actually a handy item for identification. Norway rat droppings are dark in color, moist in texture, and approximately half an inch in size with blunted ends. Since the rodents can leave behind as many as 50 fecal pellets each day, infested homes tend to be filled with rat droppings.

Health Risks & Proper Removal

Humans are susceptible to many dangerous diseases when rats and rat feces are present. Coming into direct contact with droppings, inhaling dust containing particles of the fecal matter, or drinking and eating contaminated food and water can all lead to the transmission of diseases like:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Plague
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia

As such, individuals should always use gloves, masks, and shoe covers while practicing extreme caution when cleaning up rat droppings. However, it is advisable to call trained pest control specialists to safely remove rats and their feces. Pest control professionals have the equipment and knowledge necessary to completely sanitize homes and make them safe for habitation.

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