Lyme Disease & Ticks in New England

The Black Legged Tick

The Black Legged Tick also known as the Deer Tick is the only carrier of Lyme disease in the Eastern U.S.

As you welcome the warmer weather and start planning outdoor activities you should also consider that May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month.  At Waltham Pest Services we would like you to enjoy all the activities you have planned while understanding what Lyme disease is and your risk for contracting it.

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is the most common tick-born disease in the USA and can affect different areas of the body in varying degrees as it progresses.   Bacteria enter the body at the site of a tick bite and as it spreads away from the initial site the infection causes an expanding red rash.

This is usually accompanied by flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, headache, muscle or joint ache and fatigue.  Although treatable with antibiotics if caught early enough, Lyme disease can cause abnormalities in the joints, heart and nervous system if not discovered in a timely manner.

Lyme Disease & Deer Tick

In Massachusetts as well as the whole eastern U.S. the black legged tick also known as the deer tick is the only carrier of Lyme disease and is a common pest to come across from May to July.  Ticks are most often found in wooded and overgrown areas where the ground is humid or moist and covered with leaf litter, thick weeds or high grass.  Also found in these areas are their animal hosts such as mice and deer.

Ticks may be found on your tended lawns as well and this is because they drop off wildlife hosts that cross your property.  The inside of your home is also at risk for ticks as they come in on the family pet or people that have been in tick infested areas.

Preventing Lyme Disease

Knowing where to expect ticks can go a long way towards preventing you or a family member from getting bit by one and therefore contracting Lyme disease.  Walking in the center of trails and wearing light colored clothing when you venture into those areas will also help in the fight against Lyme disease as well as inspecting your family and pets for ticks daily, especially if you’ve been outdoors.

While not every Deer Tick is a carrier of this serious disease it is wise to understand how you can be exposed to it and what you can do to minimize the exposure.  At Waltham Pest Services we understand the severity of Lyme disease and offer our tick abatement services in Waltham, Pawtucket and throughout most of New England and Upstate New York.  To find out how we can help control ticks in your back yard, please contact us today.

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