Soldier Termites

Image of Termites

What Is a Soldier Termite?

Making up only about five percent of a colony’s population, soldiers protect the nest from rival termites and ants. Soldier termites may also escort workers from their underground nests to food sources.


Home and business owners rarely see soldier termites. These pests spend most of their time under the soil or hidden inside tunnels.

Like workers, they have soft, wingless bodies. However, each soldier termite also has a large, yellow-brown head with large jaws used to fight insects that invade mud tubes or galleries.

Termite Damage

Soldier termites keep the workers safe. Undisturbed, these insects burrow deep into structural beams to gather food for the nest. The tunnel systems termites leave behind can weaken buildings and lead to collapse over time.


Termite control is not effective unless it targets the entire colony. DIY removal may take care of a few worker or soldier termites on the surface, but pests deep within wood or soil often remain untouched. Waltham Pest Services can help stop property damage using expert strategies crafted with years of business pest control experience.

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