Termite Prevention

Picture of Termites on Dirt

Why is Termite Prevention Important?

Termites often cost homeowners thousands of dollars for removal alone, not to mention the price of home repairs. The best way to save money and stop the hassle is to prevent termites from ever entering the house.

Termite Prevention Tips

There is no sure way to keep termites away, but a few preventative measures may help:

  • Check for entry points: Cracks in foundations and gaps around wires or pipes give the pests easy access to homes. Blocking these entrances goes a long way toward termite prevention.
  • Control moisture: Dampness attracts the pests, so fixing leaky pipes and drainage issues is a great way to prevent termites.
  • Maintain a barrier: Plants and mulch that touch a house’s foundation invite the pests inside. Instead of planting flowerbeds against homes, set up a buffer zone of concrete or sand.
  • Remove wood debris: Piles of firewood and lumber draw the pests to yards, so remove these easy food sources to deter termites.

In Case of Infestation

Since termite prevention doesn’t always keep the pests away, it’s best to conduct regular inspections. Unfortunately, the first sign many homeowners notice is structural damage. Spotting early warnings of the pests, such as mating swarms or mud tubes on foundations, can be hard for the untrained eye.

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