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Pest Control

Why Contact Waltham Pest Services?

Our services are kind to the environment while effectively getting rid of insect and rodent pest problems in homes and businesses.

History -
Since 1893 Waltham Pest Services has been providing exceptional service in pest extermination for New England and offers professional pest control services out of Pawtucket, RI.
We are very proud of our Waltham Pest Services team of technicians who are highly trained and have been nationally recognized for their continuing education on the behavior, biology, and control of pests.
We incorporate our Green Theme belief into all aspects of our services and will help resolve pest infestations effectively and in an eco-friendly manner.
We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices in all of our residential pest control services to reduce the amount of chemicals while still eliminating your insect or rodent problem.


  • Brian Hanley

    Operations Manager
  • Frank Romano

    Service Manager

Residential Pest Control Services

At Waltham’s we understand how important it is to keep your home insect and rodent free and that is why we offer an array of service plans and programs to fit your pest control needs in the Rhode Island area. Let us help you with our carpenter ant plan, termite plan, bed bug plan.  Our mosquito and tick abatement services will even help you keep your yard free of these insects are known to carry serious diseases such as Lyme disease.

At Waltham’s we also understand the need for a year round treatment plan so we developed our Home Care Plan that includes two pre-scheduled visits, a preventive treatment plan, a written report of our findings and additional services. For Rhode Island home pest control, Waltham Pest Services is the smart choice.

Bed Bug Exterminators

At Waltham Pest Services we understand that the bed bugs are one of the fastest growing pest problems and that’s why we offer Pawtucket business and home owners our quality bed bug control to get rid of these nighttime pests. What are bed bugs? Bed bugs are small, flat insects that frequently infest homes, hotels and other residential and commercial properties. If you notice tiny bugs on your mattress or bed frame chances are you have a bed bug problem. They are also identified by the tiny red or brown spots they leave on bed linens after feeding on the occupant of the bed. Because they are mainly active at night, bed bugs are hard to detect and therefore hard to eliminate without the help of a trained pest control professional. During the daytime these pests congregate in small spaces in your home or business such as in mattresses or box springs, furniture cracks and crevices as well as beneath flooring and behind baseboards and even outlet covers. At Waltham Pest Services we offer residential bed bug control as well as commercial bed bug control in Pawtucket for an effective solution to your infestation.

Commercial Pest Control From Waltham Pest Services

For over 100 years Waltham Pest Services has been solving insect and rodent problems in commercial facilities and offers our commercial pest control services in Pawtucket and throughout New England. We employ environmentally responsible Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to successfully help businesses get rid of ants, cockroaches, mice and other nuisance pest while giving peace of mind to our customers. Your employees and customers deserve a pest free environment and at Waltham Pest Services we accomplish this feat with our effective commercial pest services. We believe in a proactive approach to pest control that incorporates site monitoring, the use non-chemical and physical controls when possible as well as giving written feedback.

We’ve helped a wide variety of businesses and industries in Pawtucket RI, Waltham MA and all of New England including the following:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Food Services
  • Government
  • Grocery
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Lodging
  • Medical Research
  • Multi-Unit
  • Property Management
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • School Campus

To find out how Waltham Pest Services can help your business resolve pest infestations, contact us.

Pest Control Services for Carpenter Ants In Pawtucket

Carpenter ant infestations can be difficult to control. At Waltham Pest Services our method for resolving carpenter ant problems involves an integrated approach starting with moisture elimination and continues with the removal of any overhanging limbs around your home and alterations at the points of entry to ensure they don’t return. If you’ve noticed swarming insects, small piles of wood particles or large black ants around your home it is likely that carpenter ants have already invaded. The good news is that we can help you get rid of carpenter ants, no matter how severe a problem you may have. For effective carpenter ant control in Pawtucket, rely on Waltham Pest Services.

Technology Changes, Experience Doesn’t

Protecting homes from pests for over 120 years, Waltham Pest Services home care plan offers a complete, environmentally friendly pest control solution, designed to keep pest problems at bay while protecting your home, family and pets.

Serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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